Mike Rofe is an artist, an art teacher and has postcards all over the world.
I asked him about his mission.
So I was on social media exploring art, sharing pictures. But I was quite dissatisfied with how it was all on screen. And so I wondered whether I could create an alternative or an antithesis (if you like). I have decided to start finding if there are people who are willing to share very small pieces of real art, using postcards as a medium. Painting the postcards and sending them to one and other across the world using postal service.
My Dad was a postman, so I have a thing about post and letters. I still (even now) get a real buzz if I get a letter. It is an actual, real thing from someone with writing on it. And I like email, I like social media and I like to immediately see what is happening, but if you get a real letter, that is precious.
That idea has grew and grew. People were initially a bit hesitant because sharing your address is a bit risky especially in this day and age. I have a blog which people can look at and it all outlines what the project is (mmfxrofe.blogspot.co.uk) and an Instagram account as well (@mmfxrofe). People who want to join art, they just need to send me their email and postal address. And doing so they are happy for me to share it with other members of the group. Every month or so I just post out an updated list of addresses. Then you just pick someone who you want to send something to. There are no rules of how many or who or whatever, it is all very organic.
So if I see an address from Africa…?
Just choose it and send them a bit of art. And usually once that happens people build connections. And it starts to go like that, it does not stops there. They might look each other up and it can develop. There are members who are on the scheme but are not on social media. Word of mouth spreads out, which is great, because it has all grown.
These are handmade genuine pieces of art which people share. All different abilities, different ages, and backgrounds. Literally, there is no continent where there is not someone, including the Antarctica. Which is bonkers! Just imagine, sending a card to someone who is working in a research base at the end of the world and have them do the same. It takes about five months to get here, but it does at the end. It is crazy, right?!

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